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Whether your application calls for adding serial codes on-the-fly, marking intricate graphics, or changing bar code data on every piece, Synrad's powerful, yet easy-to-use laser marking software, WinMark Pro, allows you to laser mark your products with ease.


Create simple or complex mark files by importing graphic files, adding text and bar codes, or arranging a combination of objects in the Drawing Editor. WinMark Pro allows users to select from hundreds of stroke or TrueType fonts, and includes a large library of bar code and date code formats. Once your file is created, WinMark Pro is capable of controlling every aspect of the laser marking process, including incrementing serial numbers, changing laser parameters, and interfacing with automated parts handling equipment.


Synrad's most recent software release, WinMark Pro v6, is compatible with all FH Flyer marking heads and Fenix Flyer Laser Markers. New features in this version include UID/Composite 2D codes, inverted TrueType text, Radial marking, and Banner tracking.

In addition, WinMark Pro v6 and Flyer/Fenix Flyer markers support the Modbus/IP protocol for interaction with PLCs or other MODBUS network devices using the Modbus user-defined function code within the Modbus/IP protocol.

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