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About WinMark Pro Laser Marking Software


Want to laser mark a logo contained in a graphic file?  Mark a product ID number encoded in a bar code?  Mark a date code?  Automatically mark a part with a serial number that is read from a computer file, and then report back to another computer that you’ve just marked it?  Embed laser marking in an existing application?



Step 1:  Build the application with the Drawing Editor


Create your project in WinMark  

Step 2:  Mark the part with the Launcher




ActiveMark Technology

WinMark Pro is an ActiveX control empowering you to create high performance stand-alone laser marking applications using the most potent development suites you’re already familiar with, such as Microsoft Access, Office, Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Delphi.  Laser mark serial numbers directly from your Access database application.


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Create your own marking applications


Event Builder

WinMark allows you to interface to parts handling equipment and other computers.

Interface marking software with other equipment

WinMark Pro Features


With familiar tool bars, pull down menus and dialog boxes, feature-rich WinMark Pro has the reliability, flexibility and intuitive ease of use for every user.



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Control marking from your process automation controller. Set/Clear WinMark Pro inputs or monitor WinMark Pro via operator input bit status. Define Event Builder commands to run before or after each piece or mark session.


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Create a 2D Bar Code then add human-readable stroke text. Send new bar code data to WinMark Pro via operator input or through an RS-232 serial port. Automatically increment serial numbers or add customizable date and time information.


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WinMark Pro now allows Ungrouping of imported vector graphics. Fine-tune your images by adding or deleting lines, circles, polygons or vary marking properties such as Power, Velocity, Resolution, etc. by object.


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The new Vector Import Scale property allows you to scale imported vector graphics based on your needs. Use "Best Fit" to import and mark a logo at 66% of your lens field size or choose "One to One" when precise dimensional drawings must be marked accurately.


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