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WinMark Pro .MKH Sample Files


WinMark Pro .MKH Mark Files


The MKH Demo Files document link describes each of the WinMark Pro sample mark files listed below. Use these sample files to optimize Power and Resolution settings, to display font-specific character sets, or to aid in your understanding of basic automation or serial port principles.


MKH Demo Files





Automation.mkh demonstrates basic WinMark automation and serialization.





Read Serial Port Data


ReadSerialPortData.mkh demonstrates basic WinMark automation in conjunction with reading serial port inputs. Serial port values are read and assigned to a Text and 2D Barcode object before each mark.





Medium Filled Matrix


Medium Filled Matrix.mkh is a plot tool used to determine optimum Power and Resolution settings (at a  fixed Velocity) when marking raster scanned objects on a given material.  


[Medium Filled Matrix.mkh]



Medium Stroke Matrix


Medium Stroke Matrix.mkh is a plot tool used to determine optimum Power and Velocity settings (for a  fixed Resolution) when marking stroked objects on a given material.


[Medium Stroke Matrix.mkh]



Extended Characters


ExtendedChar.mkh displays the extended character sets available for each individual TrueType or WinMark Pro stroke font.





Stroke Fonts

Strokefonts.mkh displays a sample character set for each of WinMark Pro's 12 built-in stroke fonts.




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