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• Unsurpassed vector and raster file import capability.


• Full support of thousands of TrueType fonts.


• Large library of bar code fonts included as standard.


• Powerful properties window with built-in self-help allows you to effortlessly modify any marking parameter.


• Event Builder which allows you to interface to parts handling equipment and other computers.


• ActiveMark Technology - Create laser marking applications in Visual Basic and other popular programs.


• Vector Scaling - allows automatic scaling of imported vector graphics including DXF, PLT, HGL, or EPS formats. Choose a scale factor of "One to One", "Best Fit", "X-Axis", or "Y-Axis".


• Control Panel Launcher - The essence of simplicity in laser marking. The Drawing Editor is password protected so that operators only use a simple, easy to understand display.


• Control marking from your Windows 98, NT, 2000, or XP Desktop.

WinMark Pro Features


With familiar tool bars, pull down menus and dialog boxes, feature-rich WinMark Pro has the reliability, flexibility and intuitive ease of use for every user.



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Control marking from your process automation controller. Set/Clear WinMark Pro inputs or monitor WinMark Pro via operator input bit status. Define Event Builder commands to run before or after each piece or mark session.


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Create a 2D Bar Code then add human-readable stroke text. Send new bar code data to WinMark Pro via operator input or through an RS-232 serial port. Automatically increment serial numbers or add customizable date and time information.


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WinMark Pro now allows Ungrouping of imported vector graphics. Fine-tune your images by adding or deleting lines, circles, polygons or vary marking properties such as Power, Velocity, Resolution, etc. by object.


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The new Vector Import Scale property allows you to scale imported vector graphics based on your needs. Use "Best Fit" to import and mark a logo at 66% of your lens field size or choose "One to One" when precise dimensional drawings must be marked accurately.


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