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This Active X container program uses six Active X controls. The program reads a marking file (c:\test_object.mkh) and displays a preview window of the marking file object(s). It has two buttons that allow the user to rotate the drawing in the "+" direction or the "-" direction. Another button allows the user to initiate a marking operation. A progress bar is included to show the user the progress of marking operation. To run the ActiveX container program, you must have WinMark installed.


The controls used to implement this example are:












AddPreviewWnd (new)


The SetProgressCtrHandle property is used to show the marking progress.



The sample files include:


ContainerDlg.cpp   Active X container source code




SynMhAtx.ocx       Active X control library DLL - Located in the WinMark directory.


Container.exe      Active X container program


test_object.mkh    marking file