About VB Examples.htm


The Visual Basic sample files included in these folders were developed using Microsoft VB 6.0. Although you must have Visual Basic installed on your computer to run these examples, you can view the VB code by opening the .FRM files using a standard text editor (such as the one you are using know to read this document). Before running these samples from your Visual Basic development environment, you must first install WinMark Pro V5.0 and run it to select the proper lens for your application. Then close WinMark Pro and run your VB application (WinMark Pro V5.0 should never be open at the same time as your VB application).

Each Visual Basic program is described below. Note that files for each VB application are bundled using WinZip as they must be kept together.

WMAddLine - The WMAddLine application provides multiple command buttons which represent many of the functions available through the WinMark Pro V5.0 ActiveX control. These functions allow you to add, rotate, and mark objects such as lines, rectangle, circles, barcodes, etc.

To obtain sample VB files or to request help with using the WinMark Pro ActiveX control, contact Chris Nelson via email at cnelson@synrad.com or at support@winmark.com.