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Fenix Flyer Laser Marker

Fenix Flyer laser Marker


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Ideal for a wide range of product marking applications, Fenix Flyer utilizes new, all-digital technology to produce faster, better marks than ever before on stationary or moving parts. Easily incorporated into production processes, Fenix Flyer creates crisp, clear marks on glass, plastics, metals, wood, and countless other materials at speeds up to 450 characters per second.


In addition to mark control through a PC running WinMark Pro v6 software using a USB or Ethernet (networked or peer-to-peer) connection, Fenix Flyer can be configured to operate in a fully automated stand-alone mode with mark files loaded onto a network file share or into the marker's on-board flash memory.


New software features give Fenix Flyer markers the ability to mark UID or Composite 2D codes, mark bitmaps radially (around the circumference of cylindrical objects), and perform banner tracking on moving objects, like extrusions, where the length of the mark extends well beyond the mark field of the focusing lens.


Fenix Flyer Laser Markers also support the Modbus/IP protocol for interaction with PLCs or other MODBUS network devices using the Modbus user-defined function code within the Modbus/IP protocol.


Marking Specifications

Focusing Lens Size

370mm 200mm 125mm 80mm
Field Size, typical (mm) 198x198 110x110 74x74 27x27
Spot Size, 1/e2 (µm) 540 290 180 116
Working Distance1, typical (mm) 350±5 190±3 128±2 74±1
Depth of Field, typical (mm) ±10 ±2.5 ±1.5 ±0.4
Incident Angle, max 19 16 11 5
Marking Speed 2 (chars/sec, max)
450 450 450 450
Position Resolution (μm) <15 <9 <6 <3
Repeatability (mm) 0.063 0.038 0.025 0.015
Settling Time, Small Step - 1% of field (μs) ≤ 440 ≤ 440 ≤ 440 ≤ 440
Input Requirements  
Input Power AC 85-132 V / 170-264 V/ 1Ø
(Universal Mains Voltage)
Input Fuse Rating® 10A, 250 VAC

Length x Width x Height

46.63 x 9.64 x 7.40 in
1184 x 245 x 188 mm
Weight 68 lbs (30.8 kg)

1 A nominal working distance is marked on each individual focusing lens mount since this distance may vary from lens to lens up to ±10 mm. For this reason, it is important to provide a Z-axis adjustment between the marking head and the marking surface.

2Character height ~3mm, 200mm focusing lens.

Specifications subject to change without notice.