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FH Flyer Marking Head

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FH Flyer Marking Head


Synrad's FH Flyer Marking Head offers a flexible solution to OEMs and Systems Integrators. Pair Flyer with any Synrad laser from 10 to 125W, add WinMark Pro laser marking software, and you've got the foundation for your own galvo marking system. Or, integrate this "kit" of components into existing production lines and machinery to add permanent bar codes, lot numbers or date codes to a variety of products.


Some of the possible configurations are seen here. Click on each image (+) to view it at a larger size. Visit for more information on Synrad's line of sealed CO2 lasers.



FH Flyer with 48-1


FH Flyer w/ 48-1 (10W) Laser



FH Flyer with 48-1 & Cooling Shroud

FH Flyer w/ 48-1 (10W) Laser & Cooling Shroud



FH Flyer with firestar t60

FH Flyer w/ firestar t60 Laser




FH Flyer with firestar t100

FH Flyer w/ firestar t100 Laser