WinMark Pro v6 and v7 is here! New features include UID/Composite 2D codes, inverted TrueType text, Radial marking, and Banner tracking.

Click here for more information and to download WinMark Pro v6 and v7.


Laser Marking with Synrad CO2 Lasers


Whether your application calls for bar coding paper packaging, adding serial numbers to plastic devices or marking date codes on bottle caps, Synrad CO2 lasers can help you do the job. These versatile tools provide a permanent means of identifying your product without masks, tool wear, or hazardous inks.


Synrad offers two solutions for laser marking your product: the component-level FH Flyer Marking Head, and the Fenix Flyer Laser Marker, both operated by our powerful WinMark Pro Laser Marking Software.


More information on our line of CO2 lasers, available from 10 to 400W, can be found at